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Virtual Gettysburg contains a photographically rendered battlefield comprised of 99 full-screen, 360-degree panoramas.This page contains sample panoramas and an explanation of panoramic technology.

Click here to see a list of all of the panoramas on the Virtual Gettysburg CD-ROM.

Click here to see how the panoramas automatically pan to follow the narrative, creating panoramic video interactive tours on the Virtual Gettysburg CD-ROM.

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This is panorama 50 of 99 on the Virtual Gettysburg CD. You must have QuickTime installed on your computer in order for it to work.

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QTVR Nodes

QuickTime VR panoramas create the experience of standing in a space and looking in all directions--360 degrees side-to-side, even 120 degrees overhead and underfoot--with the view panning smoothly wherever you look. A QuickTime VR panorama is actually a carefully calibrated series of photographs or 3D graphics images, stitched and blended together with QuickTime VR authoring software and mapped onto the inside of a virtual cylinder. You see part of the projection through the QuickTime VR window; you scroll to see other parts using the mouse. The central observation point is called a node.

QTVR Multi Nodes

Virtual Gettysburg is comprised of multiple nodes; clicking on a hotspot will take the viewer to another node, or a monument view.
This multi-node demo panorama allows you to see the twenty-one panoramas that have interactive guided tours. Note that it is 10MB in size, and the entire movie must download before hotspots will become active.
More About Quicktime
QuickTime is the platform of choice for multimedia and web designers, producers and distributors. QuickTime 5 was downloaded over 100 million times by both Windows and Mac customers in its first year. Every day, more than 300,000 people download QuickTime to view news, entertainment, movie trailers and virtual reality content on the Internet. This huge user base is equipped to view your coolest QuickTime content. For more information about QuickTime, visit the Apple Computer website.

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