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Multi-Node Panorama - The Twenty-One Virtual Gettysburg Tours
Click and drag
the mouse within
the panorama to pan
in different directions.

When the hotspot
icon appears, click to
visit another location
in the panorama.

Depress and hold
the shift key to zoom
into the panorama.

Depress and hold
the control key to zoom out
the panorama.
Important Note: The mouse must be positioned within the panorama in order for these tools to function.
Panoramas will be brown until fully loaded. If you cannot see the panorama above, you may need the QuickTime plug-in.
This multi-node panorama will take you to the twenty-one places on the Gettysburg battlefield that have tours in the Virtual Gettysburg CD-ROM. It will give you just a small taste of what the presentation on the CD-ROM is like. If you would like a list of the twenty-one tour stops, please click here. Enjoy!

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