Bringing the Battlefield to Life

Virtual Gettysburg CD-ROM Overview

Licensed Battlefield Guide Gary Kross introduces the CD-ROM and presents an overview of the battles at Gettysburg. His narration is also included in three full-length audio CDs and the illustrated tour book.

The events leading up to the battle are presented with narration and an animated map.

Each of the guided tours are supplemented by historical photos of people, places and monuments. Interactive maps and a compass help users visualize their position and navigate around the battlefield.

Open the “Maps” palette to see your exact location on the battlefield. The zoom buttons increase and decrease your field of view.

The photo screen allows you to view hundreds of historical images of people, places, monuments and markers. You can access every monument on the battlefield as well as the text of every marker.

An interactive map allows you to navigate the battlefield and locate monuments, special scenes and key events in the battle.

Open the “Panoramas” palette to select from 99 different 360-degree panoramas of popular and hard-to-find battlefield locations.

Virtual Gettysburg concludes with a re-enactment of the Gettysburg Address by James Getty.

Getty appears annually at the Gettysburg Battlefield Rememberance Day ceremonies.

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