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Virtual Gettysburg Complete Set
$129.95 plus sales tax in Maryland

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Virtual Gettysburg includes the program disc, tour book and three audio CDs in a handy tri-fold wallet.

The Virtual Gettysburg CD-ROM runs on Windows versions through XP, and Vista. It runs on Macs, including Intel Macs, through Mac OS X Version 10.5.8. It will not play on nor will it be supported for later versions of Mac OSX. (updated June 7, 2013)

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Attention Educators!
Class Packs now available with extra CD-ROMs !
Class Pack 5 - five program CD-ROMs, three audio CDs and tour book. $399
Class Pack 10 - ten program CD-ROMs, three audio CDs and tour book. $699

NOTE: Class Packs do not contain additional material. They contain extra CD-ROMs of the
same content as the standard Virtual Gettysburg package.