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Many of the 99 panoramas in Virtual Gettysburg where taken on the exact spot that photographers chose over a hundred years ago. Here we present four examples. In the CD-ROM, after you have found a location you wish to explore, you can view the panorama full-screen, pan in any direction and zoom in and out, You can also view the location from different perspectives by moving to another panorama, either by clicking on a list, a map, or a hotspot in the current panorama. It is an exciting and informative way to explore the battlefield.

Panorama 1 of 99
Chambersburg Pike Where the Battle Opened
This Tipton photograph shows the view that John Buford saw as the Confederates first approached the battlefield. Herr Ridge, seen in the distance, is where the Confederates first positioned their cannon.
Panorama 47 of 99
Dead in the Slaughter Pen Pond
Alexander Gardner photographed these dead soldiers just days after the battle. These Confederates were killed on during their July 2nd attack on Little Round Top, which is up the slope to the right. Directly in front of you is the Valley of Death.
Panorama 83 of 99
Evergreen Cemetery gatehouse
One of the most recognizable structures on the battlefield, the Evergreen Cemetery gatehouse was the focal point of the Union concentration after their retreat through town on July 1st. Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address about 200 yards beyond this building.
Panorama 18 of 99
Oak Hill From Observatory
The park service constructed a number of towers on the battlefield near the end of the 19th century. This tower, one of the few that still stand, offers a wonderful panoramic view of the fighting on July 1st. The tall monument in the foreground is to the 90th Pennsylvania Infantry.

Use our searchable monument database to view images of your favorite monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Choose from hundreds of historic photographs.
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