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Currency Update

This new book on Confederate currency has come to our attention. We have not read it yet, but we have high hopes. We present the press release supplied by the published for your information.
Counterfeit Currency of the Confederate States of America

George B. Tremmel

Since shortly after the end of the Civil War, genuine Confederate paper money has been the subject of much research. While a number of publications are available today that describe and catalog the genuine currency, the availability of published information on its counterfeit counterpart is limited. What is available is somewhat incomplete, inaccurate and general in scope. This work is specifically concerned with the counterfeit currency that was produced and passed with genuine Confederate paper money during the Civil War years.

The first part of the book is an historical narrative that discusses the events and people involved in the production and passing of counterfeit currency, and the countermeasures of the Confederate Treasury Department to protect its already weak medium of exchange from losing even more value.

The second part of the book is an illustrated catalog that presents descriptions of all known examples of counterfeit Confederate currency. Over 180 illustrations are included and show most of the counterfeit notes. The appendix provides a brief, nontechnical explanation of the printing processes—relief printing, intaglio printing, and lithography—used in the mid-nineteenth century to manufacture counterfeit currency.

Retired information technology director George B. Tremmel has collected and studied Confederate States paper money for over forty years and has written a number of articles on the subject for Paper Money, the Society of Paper Money Collectors journal. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Available February, 2003, from McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers

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