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Virtual Gettysburg includes a photographically rendered battlefield made up of 99 full-screen, 360 degree panoramas. This means you can go just about anywhere on the battlefield and look in any direction. Here we present four examples of passages in popular books that correlate to views in Virtual Gettysburg panoramas. The truth is that almost any view described in any passage in any book about Gettysburg can be seen using Virtual Gettysburg's panoramas, usually from more than one direction.

Panorama 51 of 99 - Little Round Top
The 20th Maine defends Little Round Top
"Chamberlain moved, shifting men. And heard the assault coming, up the rocks, clawing up through the bushes, through the shattered trees, the pocked stone, the ripped and bloody earth. It struck the left flank. Chamberlain shot another man, an officer. He fell inside the new rock wall, his face a bloody rag. They can't keep coming. We can't keep stopping them!"
Shaara, Michael, The Killer Angels, 1975, p. 224
Panorama 77 of 99 - The Bloody Angle
Union troops face fear during Pickett's Charge
"Near us was a man crouching behind a small disintegrated stone, which was about the size of a common water bucket. He was bent up, with his face to the ground, in the attitude of a Pagan worshipper before his idol. It looked so absurd to see him thus, that I went and said to him, "Do not lie there like a toad. Why not go to your regiment and be a man?" He turned up his face with a stupid, terrified look upon me, and then without a word turned his nose again to the ground. An orderly that was with me at the time told me a few moments later, that a shot struck the stone, smashing it in a thousand fragments, but did not touch the man, though his head was not six inches from the stone."
Haskell, Frank. A., The Battle of Gettysburg, 1957 p. 87
Panorama 19 of 99 - Iverson's Pits
Iverson's men take it clean in the teeth at 80 yards
"Iverson's Brigade, which must have had a front of about 400 yards, advanced from the south edge of Forney's Woods and wheeled sharply left. The Rebel line moved through the open fields, where there was "not a bush or a tree". Robinson ordered Baxter to move his regiment from the oak grove to the ridge crest to strengthen the line in front of Iverson. The yell and the musketry announced to the 97th NY that something was up, and its men hurried up the slope to their wall. The soldiers of Baxter's Brigade watched the approach of Iverson's line with awe. When the Confederates were about fifty yards from the wall and Baxter's line, Lt. Col. Joseph A. Moesch, the Swiss-born commander of the 83d, shouted, "Up men, and fire." The surprise was complete; hit from both the front and the left, the North Carolina line reeled and staggered."
Pfanz, Harry W., Gettysburg - The First Day, 2001, pp. 170-172
Panorama 75 of 99
Attack by Brig. Gen. George J. Stannard's VT Brigade on Pickett's Flank, July 3, 1863
“About 250 feet in advance of his line on the left the 13th Vermont had thrown up a breastwork on a low rocky knoll which was covered with bushes and trees. The 14th Vermont held a similar position to the left of the 13th, but on lower ground.”
Coddington, Edwin, The Gettysburg Campaign, 1968, p. 512

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